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Top 11 Best AI Recruiting Tools - 2023 with Reviews

Companies are utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in many different ways. Recruitment is one of the areas most affected by day-to-day operations. Voice-enabled chats, machine learning-pattern matching, and people analytics are facilitating the hiring and recruitment of prospective employees by AI.

Here is a look at the eleven most effective AI recruiting tools that businesses can use to find the ideal candidate for a position:

1. Turing

Turing is the best option for a company recruiting AI talent, as their Intelligent Talent Cloud helps source, evaluate, match, and manage the world's top remote software developers.

The platform leverages global sourcing, intelligent vetting, extensive matching, HR/payments compliance, and automated on-the-job quality control. Pepsi, Dell, and Coinbase use the platform.

Turing excels at simplifying the remote hiring process for both employers and developers. Companies are able to hire pre-screened, highly-qualified remote software talent with more than one hundred skills. The process takes only 3 to 5 days.

The Intelligent Talent Cloud utilizes AI to screen, match, and manage more than 1.5 million developers across the globe, saving businesses a ton of time and resources while building engineering teams in days.

Here are some of Turing's most prominent features:

  • Intelligent Talent Cloud Based on AI - Over 1.5 million developers globally

  • Aids in the construction of an engineering team - Pre-screened, highly-qualified personnel

  • 100+ skills among talent - Hire the Best Remote Software Engineers from Turing

2. Humanly

Why we enjoy it:

The AI recruiting chatbot from offloads, automates, and optimizes recruiters' repetitive interactions within the screening & scheduling, reference checking, and candidate re-engagement processes. Excellent for volume, hourly, and entry-level professional hiring.

Humanly has designed an AI-powered chatbot specifically for mid-market businesses that require a tool that is simple and quick to implement.

Their product will enable your recruiting team to screen and schedule candidates in a DEI-compliant manner that also integrates directly with your applicant tracking system (ATS), eliminating the need for recruiters to log into a separate system.

They are engaging in a variety of intriguing activities, such as using the data from your performance management system to improve the screening of candidates so that you can make the right hires. Check them out if you're a mid-sized business looking to add chatbot, text recruiting, or AI capabilities to your talent acquisition stack.

Humanly Clients: Among others, Swiss Monkey, Armoire, Tiny Pulse, Oakland Roots, and BPM use Humanly.

According to the company's website, Humanly has assisted their clients with the following victories:

  1. Savings of 60 hours in scheduling and screening for each available job.

  2. A candidate experience average score of 4.8 out of 5.

  3. Diversification of the candidates at the top of the recruitment funnel

  4. 95% of references undergo background checks in forty-eight hours

Best For: Medium-sized businesses seeking to streamline their recruitment processes, with a focus on reference checks. Humanly is designed specifically for organizations that already have sourcing sites and an ATS in place, but require a solution to connect the two and speed things up.

3. Paradox

Why we adore it: Paradox stands out from the competition due to their exceptional implementation team and their flagship product Olivia, an AI assistant that interacts via text with job candidates.


  1. Their implementation and customer service are highly accessible and efficient. During the implementation phase, you will not only have a Customer Success Manager to assist you with every step, but your issues will also likely be resolved on the same day.

  2. You can contact their support team via phone and explain your issue in real-time, unlike with many other vendors.

  3. It saves time and reduces the amount of communication between job candidates and recruiters.

  4. Olivia, their AI chatbot, is programmed to respond to candidates in a personal manner, as if she were a real person. Even better, you can manually override any automated chats if necessary, despite the fact that all chats are automated.


  1. Although you can obtain some information and feedback regarding your organization and its processes, Paradox's analytic capabilities are limited.

  2. If you're looking for advanced features that allow you to slice and dice your data in a variety of ways, you'll need to look elsewhere.

  3. Olivia, their AI assistant, is intelligent and has a human touch, but she is still AI at the end of the day.

4. Manatal

The Manatal platform streamlines the entire hiring procedure by recommending the most qualified candidates for a given position and automating redundant tasks.

Its AI Recruitment Software enables faster candidate sourcing and hiring. Designed for HR teams, recruitment agencies, and headhunters, it is both user-friendly and potent.

There is no steep learning curve, and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to customize a recruitment pipeline based on your process. In addition, you can easily monitor your recruitment progress in a single-board view.

Easily scale your recruiting efforts, with features such as:

  1. Share your job openings on more than 2,500 free and premium channels, such as local, global, and specialized job platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, CareerJet, and JobStreet, among others.

  2. One platform for managing all your sponsored job advertising campaigns.

  3. Suitable recommendations: Use a scoring system based on job requirements to facilitate the screening process.

  4. Candidates' profiles enrichment: Improve matching recommendations by incorporating LinkedIn and other social media data into candidate profiles.

  5. Collect information beyond the resume. Manatal AI Engine searches the web for data on 20+ social media and public platforms in order to automatically enrich the profiles of candidates.

6. Skillate

Skillate is one of the best AI hiring tools on the market. It is a sophisticated decision-making engine that can significantly improve the hiring process by providing intelligent hiring services, people analytics, and enhanced candidate experiences.

With the tool's ability to flag personal information about prospective hires, businesses can concentrate on making objective choices.

Key Skillate features include:

  1. Using deep learning to extract data from resumes

  2. AI-based job description writing assistant

  3. Automated interview planner

  4. Statistically-based insights and analytics

7. TurboHire

TurboHire is a data-driven intelligent recruitment platform. It is organized and offers numerous opportunities for productive collaboration.

By combining human and machine intelligence, TurboHire is able to provide a comprehensive understanding of prospective candidates.

The platform is also highly secure with regard to customer data, and it encrypts customer communications with the cloud.

Important aspects of TurboHire:

  1. Resume parsing

  2. Candidate ranking

  3. Chatbot evaluations

  4. Automatic job suggestions

  5. Talent pipeline for open positions

  6. Individualized interviews

8. Talenture

Talenture is an AI-based hiring platform that utilizes insights from AI and ML engines. It has a virtual recruitment expert who assists companies in continuously monitoring job processing, and it ranks candidates based on employability and availability, among other parameters.

Talenture offers candidate sourcing services from social sites, job boards, career sites, and more via a mobile application.

Key Talenture characteristics:

  1. Interview and workflow administration

  2. Recruiting website posting

  3. Interview planning

  4. Candidate monitoring

  5. Search for resumes

9. Fetcher

Fetcher, an AI-powered recruiting automation platform, combines AI with human oversight to create an inclusive hiring process. A team monitors the data in order to continuously collect a diverse pool of qualified applicants.

Additionally, the tool provides in-depth insights and reports to assist hiring teams in making the most equitable decisions.

Key Fetcher characteristics:

  1. AI-driven sourcing applications

  2. Diverse talent pipelines

  3. Automated planning

  4. Customized job layouts

  5. Goal monitoring

10. SeekOut

SeekOut, a provider of advanced talent analytics, provides in-depth talent analytics that enable businesses to reduce bias, diversify pipelines, and increase candidate engagement.

The platform is customized for each user and pulls data points from multiple sources.

Principal characteristics of SeekOut:

Personalization-enabled talent management 360-degree platform

User-friendly tools like video interviews

Resume parsing

Executive insights for personnel administrators

Implementable recruitment plan

11. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based applicant tracking system offering comprehensive hiring solutions.

Its AI recruitment software uses automation to aid businesses in candidate sourcing, workflow development, and resume screening. The tool also includes chatbots that enable real-time communication with candidates.

With Zoho Recruit, businesses can compile a list of the most qualified candidates for specific job profiles.

Key characteristics of Zoho Recruit:

  1. Software for matching candidates

  2. Management of resumes Analytical

  3. Facebook job postings

  4. Multi-channel communication

Globally, AI is improving a variety of business processes, including recruitment and hiring. The technology assists in locating the ideal candidate for each specific job opening and saves enormous amounts of time on tasks such as resume review.

You can focus on more important tasks, such as interviews and personalized communication, if you use one of the seven best AI recruiting tools. | >>> Read more: Top Seven Tips for Filling C-Level Positions

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