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[ACG x unlock fm ] Unlocking 3 key elements supporting individuals in accomplishing career success

In episode 3 of Unlock fm podcast with the familiar headline "Ha Noi", Mr. Thang Nguyen, CEO of ACG, discussed his start-up journey and provided an overview of the Vietnamese Finance and Service industry. Throughout the episode, he advised Ms. Vi Anh - the co-host of unlock fm - on how to determine the most suitable employment after her return from Australia by emphasizing three key factors that define a person's career success: network, finance and soft skills.

Network is the most essential source of both employment possibilities and clients. The second part, finance, requires time to develop , therefore, learning to manage your budget as well as acquiring investing skills is crucial. Lastly, the acquisition of soft skills involves a long term learning path; these capabilities will be acquired through work experience and life lesson learning.

Furthermore, when choosing the ideal organization, Mr. Thang concentrated on personal priorities such as personal development plans and suitable colleagues. This is challenging at the start of your career, especially in a new market, but as you progress, you will discover your work preferences. As a result, you will realize that your long-term professional goals coincide with the organization's mission, providing a foundation for a long-term commitment.

-> Let’s enjoy the full audio:

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