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4 Reasons Why Being a Recruiter is Awesome

In recent years, more and more people have been turning their careers to becoming a headhunter - a job which gives you more freedom and control over your life. Currently, Vietnam is having an increasing demand for high-level recruitment services. More and more companies are switching from traditional recruitment methods to hiring headhunting services to assist them in the hiring process. If you are one of those people who like the idea of ​​being a headhunter but still have other thoughts on your options, let's go through this list of 4 to gain some insight into this field before you actually join any headhunting company!


1. Everyday is a new adventure

There is no such thing as a universal and stereotypical method of interacting with clients and candidates. Each of them is a completely different individual. So meeting each new person every day will give you the feeling that “no day is the same”.

There is so much diversity in the needs of clients you will face, and the challenges that come your way will be very different at any given time. You will find that some candidates are more difficult to control than others (the reason could be that they have several offers at once or they simply have a very stable job, or worse, you yourself have not built a good relationship with them so that they really trust you) or have difficult clients who are more demanding than others. In addition, you will also have strong competition from other headhunters in the industry. For some people, these are huge challenges, but for headhunters, this is really exciting.

2. Be a deal marker/matchmaker

There are many talented candidates who are seeking better jobs and there are many companies that are finding senior-level employees for their organizations. You can reach both sides. It's both thrilling and exciting to be able to make a difference in these people's lives.

It's true that you won't be able to help everyone find the perfect job of their dreams, but you will make a difference in their lives. You offer and direct them a better chance of landing at a company that is a better fit for them. You help the candidate by finding out all they really want and what skills they have at the time. You can guide, train, solve their concerns throughout the recruitment process with customers.

And vice versa, you will also work and advise the customer so that they can make the best choice with the requirements and actual work situation that the customer is in need of. I would like to reveal to you that the job description will be something of a relative nature, in many cases the client does not know what they really want from the candidate. Therefore, sharing and consulting with customers are necessary.

3. Get to know the key managers of many companies in Vietnam

Headhunting is a career that gives you the opportunity to practice networking skills and build high-level relationships. You have the chance to approach and talk with anyone in any field.

Not everyone has access to them but headhunters can. Even their staff will find it difficult to schedule a meeting with them, but they will make time for you – headhunter, because maybe you will be the one to bring them information about the job market as well as job options that match their expectations very well.

4. Take less time for you to reach the top positions compared to other fields

You do not have to be part of a company with an overlapping and complicated structure that you have to follow the hierarchy to climb up the corporate ladder. You don't have to wait 5-10 years or until your boss quits to get a big promotion in this industry. You can also have the freedom and control of your career when you are an independent consultant within the company. If you perform well, you will get a significant income and be promoted by the company within 6 or 12 months!

Bottom line

Headhunting is an awesome but tough career that involves recruiting talent for clients. This job is not for individuals who lack determination and a burning desire to succeed. It's a job that necessitates a magnificent blend of man and machine, between consulting art and cutting-edge technology. At the same time, this is a job for those with "heart," as it involves cultivating talent in both candidates and employers. Hopefully, the information presented above will be valuable to you as you prepare for or pursue a career as a headhunter.

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