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10 Tips to become the specialist of headhunting

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

You may be a recruiting consultant or desire to go into this business if you read this article!!! Did you get tired of not matching up with your candidates? Or simply because you don't have any talents in your pool. Don't worry; these tips will assist you in having a more enjoyable experience during your journey.

-> Let’s take some notes!!!

1. Time management

Making a daily plan is essential. Set up important meetings in the morning, but leave your afternoons out for emergencies and sudden meetings.

2. Do your homework first

Before meeting your candidates, you should research them. It is about general information that will help you get their trust and impression.

3. Preparing your presentation and questions

Please make a mental note of your suggestion when you meet with your candidate. It's also crucial to consider what you want your clients to know about them.

4. Present / Recommend / Introduce your candidates

If you encounter a potential candidate, introduce him or her to your clients as soon as possible. Furthermore, you should think about their benefits and drawbacks when choosing a job route.

5. Set a deadline for yourself

You should have a detailed recruitment plan. From the time it takes to find potential candidates (on average 1-3 weeks), then to make reports to send to customers, arrange interviews candidates on board.

6. Follow and learn from other headhunt

The greatest advice is to understand the fundamentals before diving into the specialist. . You'll get hints and indicators about what to expect in the client hiring process.

7. Be ready to ‘‘ Play the game ’’

You have to select your candidates, make sure they are a good fit for the position the client is asking for, and even convince the candidate that it is a good opportunity that aligns with the career direction. Not only that, you have to convince your clients that you have the perfect candidate for them. Ingenious push and pull are required here where you have to show both sides that you're thinking about what's best for them.

8. Branding yourself

You must have a brand, at the very least in the field in which you are hiring (e.g., banking, IT, manufacturing, FMCG, etc.). You aren't just the person candidates turn to when they're looking for a new job or when a client wants to fill a position quickly. In order for others to recognize you, you must first create a picture of yourself.

9. Always connected!

Connection is very important in this market. You should use a lot of platforms to connect with your clients and maintain relationships for at least 3 -to 6 months. After that, you will help you get the opportunity to meet the candidates who fit with the JD as well as build your own talent pool.

10. Be ready for all situations!

This industry can also be referred to as "24/7," because there are occasions when it is truly necessary, and any customer might ask you to address critical difficulties at 11 p.m. or midnight. Or, if it's too "secret," your consumers may only give you two to three days to identify the ideal talent. Remember that you always have two options: the first is to refuse to do it, and the second is to devote your entire intellect and energy to finding a solution for the customer.


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